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      Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services for children and adults to meet an individuals needs through communication and available resources to promote over all quality of life. Its underlying premise is that by improving the situations of individuals we can improve our communities.

Case Management Services for adults and children include:

*Assessing and monitoring individual/ family needs

*Assisting to develop, update,monitor, and implement a plan designed to those needs and promotes choice, community experiences, and personal satisfaction

*Monitoring progress by making referrals, tracking appointments, following up on services rendered, and performing periodic reassessments of changing needs

*Performing advocacy activities on behalf of the client and their family

*Preparing and maintaining case records, services needed, and reports

*Mentoring, Empowering, Motivating, and Educating

*Providing case consultation (i.e. consulting with service providers/ collaterals in determining client's status and progress)

*Performing crisis assistance

Qualifying Requirements

1. Medically necessary and provided to recipient that meet eligibility criteria

       A. Have a severe mental illness or

       B. Have an emotional disability or

       C. Have a primary severe substance abuse disorder diagnosis or

       D. Have a co-occurring mental health or substance use disorder and a chronic or complete physical health issue

2. Need assistance with vocational, medical, social, educational, housing, or other community services/ supports

    For more information or to refer a client contact Marie Colasanti via phone at 270.765.9044 or email at [email protected]

At this time we our Case Management services are covered only by Medicaid, but we are working on our Medicare status to further serve our communities.